National currency financing

Some projects, due to individual peculiarities and legal requirements, are financed exclusively for the national currency. For example, projects related to the acquisition and leasing of real estate.

Financing conditions


leasing term


minimum advance


rise in prices

Calculate your monthly payment

Lease term
13 months
13 months 48 months
The cost of the leased asset
300,000,000 sum
300,000,000 sum 2,200,000,000 sum
49 000 sum
Monthly payment
Prepaid expense
30% 50%
* The calculation is approximate

Special offer

For leasing financing of specialized (construction) equipment, commercial vehicles and passenger cars, a simplified and accelerated Leasing application review process is provided – the EXPRESS LEASING product

The EXPRESS LEASING product will allow you to obtain financing with minimal costs and ideally help you save time, which is an expensive resource in our rapidly changing world.

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How to get a lease

You choose equipment

Fill out an application for lease financing and submit it for consideration to TAIBA FINANCE

You sign a set of documents for the transaction, issue a pledge and pay an advance payment

From this moment on, the leasing agreement and the sales and purchase agreement are deemed to have entered into force!

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