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Leasing Projects Analysis Department

Reviewing applications and the package of documents for obtaining leasing

Sanjar Turapov

+998 (78) 140-44-49 (multichannel)

Department of financing and monitoring of leasing projects

Payment of lease fees and other fees, penalties;

Formalization of pledge / mortgage agreements, agreements for the acquisition of a leased object;

Leased property insurance and settlement of insurance claims;

Registration and calculation of the planned buyout of the leased object

Akromjon Samatov 

+998 (78) 140-44-49 (multichannel)

Aziza Ibragimova 

+998 (78) 140-44-49 (multichannel)

Mukhammad Ali Akhmadkhujaev 

+998 (78) 140-44-49 (multichannel)

Accounting department

Issue of invoices, reconciliation statements

Umida Abdumavlyanova 

+998 (78) 140-44-49 (multichannel)

Registration of property as a Pledge
Change of details of the Lessee

In case of changing the details of the Lessee, he/she is obliged to notify the Lessor about this fact by sending an official letter on the company’s letterhead, certified by the seal and signature of the head.

The original of the Letter is sent by mail to the address: 100084, Tashkent, Yunusabad district, st. Amir Temur, 107-B, 13th floor, block C. A photocopy of the letter is sent to e-mail:

Termination of the lease agreement upon expiry of the lease term

The object of lease is transferred to the ownership of the Lessee upon the expiration of the Lease Agreement and the Lessee fulfills all of his/her obligations under the Agreement, in accordance with the Agreement on repurchase of the subject of lease concluded separately on the last day of the expiration of the Lease Agreement.

Preparation of the Agreement on repurchase of the Leased object begins only if the Lessee has no debts under the Lease Agreement.

The period for preparing the documentation is no more than 10 working days.

Early termination of the lease agreement (early redemption)

In exceptional cases, the early termination of the lease agreement may be carried out after a substantive consideration by the Lessor of the circumstances indicated by the Lessee.



Address: Republic of Uzbekistan, 100084, Tashkent, st. Amir Temur, 107-B

Tel .: (998 78) 140 44 49

TIN: 301 616 710, OKED: 64910

Bank details:

Bank: JSICB “Ipak Yuli”, Tashkent

Bank code: 00444

Current account (Uzbek. Sum): 20216000604852856001

Current account (EUR): 20216978904852856001

Current account (USD): 20216840304852856001

Chief Executive Officer – Kadirov Bakhodir Sadikovich

Sharapov A.M.

Sharapov Azamat Masharipovich

Head of Risk Management Department


Monday – Friday from 9:00 to 18:00
Lunch from 13:00 to 14:00

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