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As an alternative to credit provision, Leasing serves as a serious financing tool in the organization and development of any business. For 13 years, together with our clients – large and small enterprises, TAIBA FINANCE has been fulfilling the needs of the business in transport, special machinery and equipment, implementing the most ambitious investment plans of lessee companies.

Every year TAIBA FINANCE gives confidence to an increasing number of clients aimed at growth and development. Over the past 2 years alone, the number of lessees in our portfolio has more than doubled. Leasing allows domestic manufacturers, trade and transport enterprises, industry leaders and small players to believe in themselves and take the scale of their activities to a new level.

Leasing is the planned management of your financial flows. You accurately calculate the budget of your business during the term of the lease agreement and manage cash flows thanks to the payment scheme under the lease agreement, which implies equal monthly (quarterly) payments.

Equipment (leased object), received in lease, not only pays for itself, but also allows you to significantly increase your income.


Advantages of leasing with TAIBA FINANCE:

  • Possibility of advanced lease payments depending on seasonality and other business features.
  • The speed of consideration of sum projects is 1-2 working days, if all the necessary documents are provided
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • There are no payments by the Lessee (except for the advance payment and the Lessor’s commission) during the financing period of the project. The commission includes all expenses, including insurance of the leased object. The first lease payment is made one month after the beginning of the lease term, after the leasing object is transferred to the Lessee.
  • The leased object becomes the property of the lessee after payment of all fees under the agreement for the notional value (redemption payment).


How to get a lease:

  1. Fill in the Leasing Application
  2. Collect a package of documents
  3. Sign a set of documents on the transaction, pay the advance payment and the Lessor’s fee for the consideration of the project (the Lessor’s commission).
  4. The leasing agreement and the sales and purchase agreement are deemed to have entered into force!


You choose equipment

Fill out an application for lease financing and submit it for consideration to TAIBA FINANCE

You sign a set of documents for the transaction, issue a pledge and pay an advance payment

From this moment on, the leasing agreement and the sales and purchase agreement are deemed to have entered into force!


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