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История компании


May, Tashkent city

On May 2-5, 2019, the CIS – Islamic Banking and Finance Forum and a seminar on Islamic banking, takaful and microfinance in the CIS countries were held in Tashkent. It was organized by the Center for Islamic Banking and Economics AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking & Economics (UAE), International Investment Company (UAE) Sheikh Ahmed Bin Obeid Al Maktoum (SABOAM) and the branch of the Islamic Development Bank ICD. It should be noted that for the CIS countries, Islamic banking and finance is recognized as a sustainable financial solution compared to the traditional banking and financial system. TAIBA LEASING won the “The Best Product IJARA” award in the Uzbek market.


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November, Tashkent.

Islamic Research and Training Institute at the Islamic Development Bank

Training of all employees of the company on the program “Islamic Banking and Finance”

Islamic Research and Training INSTITUTE Islamic Development Bank Group



September, Guangzhou (People’s Republic of China). Participation in the 120th Anniversary China Export-Import Exhibition “CANTON-FAIR 120”

October, Changsha (People’s Republic of China). “SANY”, “LONG KING”

meeting with the largest manufacturers of specialized construction equipment and machinery (photo)

October, Shanghai (People’s Republic of China). Participation in the international trade exhibition of construction machinery, machinery for building materials, mining machinery, construction machinery and construction equipment, BAUMA – 2016. (photo)

October, Tashkent. Received another $ 5 million line of funding from ICD.



March, Tashkent. In connection with the celebration of 40 years of activity of the Islamic Development Bank Group, the company’s participation in the filming of videos about successful ICD projects around the world prepared by National Geographic (video)

March, Tashkent. Participation in a specialized exhibition «BANKEXPO — 2015»

March, Tashkent. Participation in the furniture exhibition “Furniture -EXPO 2015”.

May-July, Moscow (Russia). Russian School of Management

Personnel trainings on the topics Financial analyst, “Development of a personnel assessment system based on KPI”, Controlling and risk management, Chief accountant of an international company, Financial manager: corporate finance, financial modeling, assessment of investment projects and business value. (Photo)

June-July, Moscow (Russia). Moscow Business School

staff training on the topic: Financial manager: corporate finance, financial modeling, assessment of investment projects and business value.

June, Prague (Czech Republic). Central Bohemian University Czech-Uzbek Friendship Society

Participation in the seminar – training “Leasing as a tool for the implementation of the company’s investment policy.”

August, Tashkent. Introduced to the market a new product of the company – Express Leasing, a service for expedited consideration and financing of liquid leasing items, such as vehicles, specialized construction equipment, etc.


May, Tashkent.

Participation in the VII Tashkent International Investment and Financial Forum, also participation in the VII Tashkent International Leasing Forum

May, Tashkent. Received a USD 5 Million Funding Line from ICD.

December, Samarkand. Plant JV LLC «JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan».

Participation in a seminar dedicated to familiarizing potential lessors and lessees with the production of MAN overweight vehicles. The seminar took place on the territory of the “JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan” JV LLC plant in Zhambay, Samarkand region.

December, Tashkent. Association of Lessors of Uzbekistan.

Participation in the seminar “Innovative ways to reduce financial risks in leasing transactions in the Republic of Uzbekistan” organized by the World Bank group.


January 2013 Appointment of Kadirov Bakhodir as General Director

November 2013 – office expansion and relocation to the International Business Center (IBC)


July – August, 2012 Expansion of the company’s staff and an increase in the volume and number of leasing agreements.


January 18 – appointment of Khaidarov Nodir as General Director

FE LLC “TAIBA LEASING” began its activity in the market of Uzbekistan in 2011 with the presentation of the company by the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector in the 3rd Tashkent International Leasing Forum. 



registration of the company FE LLC “TAIBA LEASING” in the Ministry of Justice